Jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive...

Little Stories Jewelry is a brand based in Antwerp, Belgium, the capital of diamonds. Everything is handmade, from the design sketches till the wrapping and shipping.

You can create your customized jewelry, choosing from cord colors, gold and even color of diamond.

Each of our pieces is forever, like every moment and every little story.

...Life is about living your own story and enjoying the small moments

That every moment in life, those  special people, things or occasions, we make them unforgettable for you

Giving love ones our custom made and personalized jewelries like necklaces or bracelets is a special way for them to remember those moments, so that those moments become a little story

Moments like birth, On one Knee, Yes I do, because of you, over and over again, forever in my heart cannot be forgotten easily but with personalized jewelries that have the name of your spouse or the date of the event brings sweet feelings when such events are remembered

Here at Little stories jewelry we cherish your past, present  and future memories with our unique customized and personalized necklaces and bracelets….

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