Why Use Cookies?


How and why do you use cookies?

While you browse the Website, we store cookies on your computer’s browser directory. Our reasons for using cookies in this manner are two – fold: to improve your Website experience by, for example, keeping you logged in as you shop, or holding the items in your virtual shopping cart; and by enabling us to provide you with advertisements which offer products and/or services that may be of interest to you, based on your browsing history. Also, the Website’s cookies will enable 3rd parties to collect information regarding the Website’s users, such as their IP addresses. Kindly note however that any information collected by 3rd parties from cookies will never identify any Website user personally.


Which types of cookies do you use?

The Website uses advertisement and targeting cookies, and functionality cookies. We use advertisement/targeting cookies to deliver ads to the Website’s users. These cookies also impose limits on the number of times a user is exposed to certain ads, while measuring their efficacy at the same time. We use functionality cookies so that the Website can retain memory of certain choices its users make. Without functionality cookies, users cannot, for example, store items in their virtual shopping carts, or make payments electronically.


Do you use anything else that we should know about?

We use Google Analytics for two reasons: to assess the Website’s general effectiveness; and to ascertain the ways in which the Website may be upgraded for its users’ benefit. Please note that we have signed a processor agreement with Google, which means Google will never use the information it collects through the cookies the Website uses (irrespective of whether such information is personally identifying) for any reason.

Does the Website have a social media presence?

The Website contains links to Facebook and Instagram. The companies of these social media platforms integrate cookies into the codes of any links which direct persons to their respective websites; this is entirely beyond our control. We accordingly recommend that you frequently read the Privacy Policies of Facebook and Instagram to be informed as to how these social media platforms collect and use your information through cookies.


Could I amend, delete or view the information the Website collects on me via cookies?

Yes, you can. If you wish to amend, delete or view such information, feel free to contact us at info@littlestoriesjewelry.com. We will be happy to accommodate your request.


Could I disable and/or delete cookies?

Yes, you can. The process depends on the browser. In Firefox, all cookies can be disabled by clicking ‘Tools,’ ‘Options,’ ‘Privacy,’ selecting ‘Use custom settings for history’ from the drop – down menu that appears and unticking the ‘Accept cookies from sites’ option. In Google Chrome, all cookies can be disabled by clicking ‘Customize and control,’ ‘Settings,’ ‘Show advanced settings,’ ‘Content settings’ and ‘Block sites from setting any data’ from the ‘Cookies’ heading. Cookies can be deleted by clearing browser history.

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