Little Stories Brand Ambassador


Thank you for being interested in our Little Story; Brand Ambassador Programme!

Here are the steps you need to take:


1.Please fill in this form below and click SUBMIT

2.Post one of our products on Instagram. You can find our products at create your jewel page or @Instagram -

3. Tag on Instagram or  @Little Stories Jewelry on Facebook

4. Include your discount code in your post.

***Your discount code is going to be the code you choose yourself and send to us via the form below.  Please take note of it. It is a 10% discount code***

Note: Your discount code should start working after 30 minutes. If it doesn't work, please contact us at 

Ambassador Programme Form

I agree to the privacy policy and give my permission to collect  & store my data

* Required

How many posts will you do*?

How would you like to name your personal discount code? For example "fashionaddict10'. Your discount code  will be the code that you insert here. Please take note of it. It is a 10% discount code. 

What is your optimal payment methode* ?

How will I be payed?

We will pay your  influencer commission via the payment method you have chosen. We prefer bank transfer or paypal.

How much will I be payed?

You will be payed  10% of total amount of all the orders using your discount code.

When I will be payed?

You will be payed for every 5 sales you generated with your unique discount code.

What if I don't get 5 sales?

That's not an issue. Just request your payment any time and we will send it to you. Just send us an email.

How will you know if I have sold anything?

We will track everything via the code you will send to us and your followers will use.

I am located in another country than Belgium. Or most of my followers. Can I participate in the programme?

It's not a problem at all! We send our products to all the countries in Europe, to UK and USA.    For other countries contact us.

So how should I start? Do you have an example?

1. Firts of all you post a picture of our product on Instagram or Facebook. 

2. You tag (Instagram) or @little stories jewelry (Facebook) IN YOUR POST

3. Include your unique discount code IN YOUR POST

For example:

I love this beautiful bracelet.... from Use the code  (USE here yours for example 'fashionista20.....') to customize yours!

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